How Long Does Goat Milk Soap Last

How Long Does Goat Milk Soap Last? All About Expiration Dates

Goat milk soap is a wonder product that can be used as a natural cure-all for a wide range of skin conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis, and more. It’s also so gentle that you can use goat milk soap for babies, among the other benefits of goat milk soap that people enjoy. 

But, since it’s a natural product, many wonder when does goat milk soap expire, and how you can tell if it’s still good to use or not. 

So how long does goat milk soap last, and how do you make goat milk soap last longer? Keep reading below as we walk you through how to know when it expires, and where you should go to find the best goat milk soap that will last. 

Does Goat Milk Soap Expire?

First things first–does goat milk soap expire? Since it’s made from goat’s milk, it’s natural that people would assume that it could go bad. 

However, the answer to this question may actually surprise you! 

Due to the process that is used to create the goat milk soap, this product actually should not ever expire when made properly. During production, the fats from the goat milk go through a saponification process upon reacting with sodium hydroxide, resulting in the end product–soap. 

The mixture is cured for at least 4 weeks, where it continues to age beautifully the longer it sits. This process is done to allow the excess water from the goat’s milk to evaporate, making the bar of soap hard and durable–not something that will spoil or go bad. 

What Happens if You Use Expired Goat Milk Soap?

Especially since you’re using goat milk soap on something as delicate as your skin, you’re probably wondering what the effects would be if you ended up using expired goat milk soap. 

As we mentioned above, this probably isn’t something you need to worry about when you’re buying the best of the best that’s out there. So if you’re using goat milk soap for psoriasis or eczema, you’re in good hands–especially when comparing goat milk soap vs regular soap.  

However, if you do end up settling and find yourself with a bad batch, you’ll probably notice that it disintegrates very quickly and doesn’t last very long. 

Luckily, your goat milk soap shouldn’t necessarily ‘expire’ in the sense that it molds or rots. But, you could end up with a lackluster product that provides you with disappointing results if you’re not careful about where you buy it from. Given what goat milk soap does for your skin, this would be a less-than-ideal situation for you. 

Factors Affecting How Long Goat Milk Soap Lasts

Now that you know that goat milk soap should last essentially forever when created properly, let’s go over some of the major factors that contribute to this product’s ultimate expiration date. 

Specific Ingredient Formulations

Something that’s very crucial in determining how long goat milk soap will last is the types of ingredients used to create the soap, and the quality of those ingredients. 

The ratio of goat’s milk to lye is particularly important, as too much goat’s milk can leave you with mushy soap, but not enough will make the bar of soap dry and brittle. Plus, other additives like coconut oils and essential oils for fragrances can also throw off the balance of the formulation as well. 

Aside from mastering the formulation, goat milk soap makers that use high-quality ingredients will get the best results, and their soaps will end up lasting the longest. 

Soap Making Method

The soap-making method that is used can also impact how long-lasting the goat milk soap is. The saponification process that we described above is what turns the fats from the goat milk into actual soap, which isn’t prone to rotting or expiring.

If this process is not done correctly and the soap maker doesn’t know what they’re doing, you may end up with a product that isn’t even soap, just a blend of ingredients that will surely go bad very quickly. 

The Curing Time

We already discussed the curing process that is used to create goat milk soap. But, this is another important aspect that can largely affect how long your goat milk soap will last. 

In general, the longer the soap gets cured, the longer it will last you. This is because any excess moisture will continue to escape and evaporate while it’s cured, making the bar of soap harder and more durable. 

Many soap makers find that they like to cure the soap as long as possible for this reason!

Storage Conditions

You’ll also need to pay attention to how the goat milk soap gets stored, as it can impact how quickly the product expires. 

If you are fully drying out your bar of goat milk soap betweehn each use, you can help it last much longer than if you leave it damp each time. 

If the soap is left sitting in a puddle of water in your shower or next to your sink, it will fall apart and wear down much more quickly. So, try to keep it on an elevated surface or in a soap saver if you can to ensure it gets proper air circulation and dries out fully as much as possible. 

Additionally, you should store your soap out of direct sunlight, which can break it down more quickly than when it’s shielded from the sun’s harsh rays. 

So, How Long Does Goat Milk Soap Last?

At this point, you can see that there are a number of factors that contribute to when does goat milk soap expire. 

When each component listed above is optimized, your goat milk soap should essentially last you forever. Many even believe that the older your soap gets, the better it is! 

So, don’t feel like you need to throw out that bar of goat milk soap you’ve had sitting around for a year–it’s probably better than ever!

How Do You Make Goat Milk Soap Last Longer?

So does goat milk soap expire? It’s probably not something you need to worry about when it’s made correctly. However, there are a few things you can do to help make it last longer. 

For one, make sure you keep it out of direct sunlight and heat, and in a non-humid place. This can be tricky when you’re using it in the shower each day, but you can make sure that it gets to fully dry each day between uses. 

As we mentioned earlier, this may mean you need to buy a dedicated soap stand so it doesn’t end up sitting in still water each day. 

Plus, when you buy from a trusted and reliable goat milk soap store, you’ll know you have a product that is long-lasting. 

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How Long Does Goat Milk Soap Last? Wrapping Things Up

After reading through this article, you should have no more questions about how long does goat milk soap last. 

Great goat milk soap can last a lifetime, so you don’t need to worry about it rotting or expiring. Oftentimes when it’s made incorrectly, the worst that can happen is your goat milk soap will be mushy and disintegrate rapidly. 

This means you can use goat milk soap for eczema or acne confidently without worrying that you’re causing unwanted damage or irritation to your skin from expired soaps. 

For the best results, you need to buy your goat milk soap from Goat Soap Milk–a product that not only lasts, but also provides you with incredible benefits that you won’t get from other types of soaps. 

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