The Cost to Make Goat Milk Soap At Home

The Cost to Make Goat Milk Soap At Home: Is it Worth it?

You may have pondered learning how to make goat milk soap at home, but are curious about the goat milk soap cost of making it vs buying it from a trusted vendor. 

If you’re wondering what is the cost to make goat milk soap, continue through this article as we break down what components go into the goat milk soap price. By the end of it, you’ll be able to determine whether or not it’s worth DIYing. 

After all, this is your health we’re talking about. So, you’ll quickly be able to see that the cost of purchasing a quality brand of goat milk soap is worth the peace of mind of taking the risks–and the mess–of making it on your own. 

Benefits of Goat Milk Soap

Before we discuss the goat milk soap cost, let’s talk about the incredible benefits of goat milk soap and why it’s such a popular product to begin with. 

Health and Skincare Benefits

To start, goat milk soap offers a wide range of health and skincare benefits. Essentially–what is goat milk soap good for? You can feel free to use this product from head to toe, and you can even use goat milk soap for babies–it’s that safe!

Goat milk soap is full of essential nutrients and Vitamins which work to nourish the skin, keep it hydrated, fight against signs of aging, revive its protective layer, balance the skin’s pH, and more. Of course, like any other soap, it offers a thorough cleanse, though it’s gentle enough to use each day. 

When made correctly, goat milk soap is a wonderful product to have on hand. The skin is the largest organ on the body, so using this product will help you keep it healthy and protected at all times. 

Treating Certain Conditions

Another great benefit of goat milk soap is that it can help treat conditions that are seemingly untreatable–like using goat milk soap for keratosis pilaris. Even if a skin condition has no cure, goat milk soap works to lessen the symptoms and help you look and feel like yourself again.

This includes pesky, unsightly, and uncomfortable conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and bacterial vaginosis. So, feel free to use goat milk soap for psoriasis and all the other skin conditions we’ve listed thus far. Rather than cause further harm and irritation to the skin like other soaps, goat milk soap works to hydrate the skin and soothe any redness and inflammation. 

This is why goat milk soap for eczema is so great, because other soaps dry out sensitive skin with its artificial fragrances and dyes. Instead, goat milk soap is a natural product that cleanses the skin without stripping it of the natural oils it needs to protect itself. 

The Cost to Make Goat Milk Soap Explained: Breaking Down the Price of Ingredients

To illustrate what goes into the goat milk soap cost, let’s break down all the components that go into making it. Afterward, it will be more clear how goat milk soap price is determined. 

Keep in mind that you’re making an initial investment in your soap-making by purchasing each of these items upfront. Breaking down the price per bar of soap can make it seem like making your own soap is extremely cheap. However, you’ll still need to make the initial investment in all these ingredients to make the soap first. 

Goat Milk: Fresh vs Powdered

Goat milk is the primary ingredient in this product, so it’s a major factor when determining its price, too. 

The biggest variation you’ll see is whether the soap maker uses powdered or fresh goat milk. Powdered milk will go much further in your recipes and is the cheaper option here, though it can lack some of the important hydration qualities that you’re looking for. Depending on the brand, you can expect to pay around $15 for a 12-ounce package of powdered goat milk.

On the other hand, fresh goat milk is more expensive, but it is typically viewed as the superior choice for soap-making. Again, depending on the store and the brand, you will pay around $10 for a quart of fresh goat milk. 


Another crucial ingredient in making goat milk soap is lye, or sodium hydroxide. This is a caustic substance that needs to be handled with extreme caution–but there is no other alternative when you’re making true goat milk soap.

Depending on the size of the container you buy, lye can be pretty costly when you’re first buying all the ingredients in bulk. But, if you purchase a two-pound container of lye, you can expect to pay around $20 for it. When purchasing in bulk, the prices are typically in the hundreds. 

Oils and fats

You will also need a variety of oils and fats when you’re making goat milk soap, depending on the recipe you’re using. 

Here are some of the most common types of oils and fats you’ll use to make goat milk soap, alongside their typical price. 

  • Coconut oil – $8-20
  • Olive oil – $15+
  • Cocoa butter – $10-20
  • Palm oil – ~$10

Keep in mind these prices can vary widely depending on where you live, the brand and quality of the product you’re buying, and the quantity. 

Optional Ingredients

There are other optional ingredients when you’re making goat milk soap to make your product unique. So, these can add on to your cost of making goat milk soap. 

Optional ingredients can include physical exfoliants like coffee beans or oats and natural scent additives like fragrance oils or essential oils. Depending on what you choose to add to your goat milk soap recipe, you could be looking at an additional $5-30 in your initial investment. 

The Hidden Cost to Make Goat Milk Soap: Your Time, Energy, and the Outcome

Goat milk soap price is based on the above factors. But, there are some additional components you’ll want to keep in mind to see what the true price of goat milk soap is. 

Time Investment

The time you put into making goat milk soap is also an important factor to assess. Making goat milk soap at home isn’t something you can do in just an afternoon. From start to finish, the process will take a few days, and a few more weeks of hands-off work after that to make sure the soap is cured properly. 

So, you can expect to put in some hours of intense hands-on labor when you’re making the soap, and you’ll need to stay engaged in the process for at least a month or two afterward to check in on your curing bars of soap. 

Energy and Effort

When considering the goat milk soap price, you also need to take into account the energy and effort you’ll put into the process. 

You may think that a DIY project like soap-making can be done casually, but with goat milk soap, that’s typically not the case. As we’ve discussed so far, it’s a very hands-on process that will require a lot of effort on your part. Plus, it’s messy and requires a good amount of equipment and prep work. In other words, making it at home can be quite a hassle. 

The goat milk soap recipe needs to be followed exactly for the saponification process to work properly and for you to end up with a product worth using. This requires precision and great attention to detail from start to finish. 

Plus, you’re working with dangerous substances like lye that could cause serious harm to your body if you’re not careful. So, even outside of the hands-on work you’ll put in, you’ll also need to make sure you do enough prep and research to get the product done right. 

The Costly Risk of Trial and Error

Lastly, there’s always a risk that you won’t get the soap right on the first try–meaning you’ll be wasting a good amount of the ingredients that went into the recipe. Like we discussed above, the soap-making process requires precision and careful timing, so there isn’t a lot of room for error when you’re going through the steps. 

As such, be aware that you probably will mess the recipe up when you’re first trying it out. But, this is to be expected if you’re not a professional soap maker. So, you may want to account for this when you’re purchasing your initial ingredients, and purchase more than what the recipe calls for so you have some wiggle room. 

Knowing the Goat Milk Soap Cost, is it Worth it - or Should You Buy a Bar of the Best in Our Online Store?

Now that you have a little more background information on goat milk soap price, you might be able to see why so many people buy their goat milk soap instead of DIYing it. Especially when you’re buying a trusted and quality product as you’ll get from our storefront, shopping with us is the smarter choice. 

Rather than putting in the hours just to end up with a sub-par product, you can get top-tier goat milk soap in just a few clicks on our website. Compared to the $100+ you’ll need to spend on ingredients initially to make your own lackluster bar of goat milk soap at home, you can get a professionally-made bar for a fraction of the cost. 

There’s no need to take risks on your skin’s health when we have a wide collection of goat milk soap products to choose from that cost you little to no effort on your part. So, there’s only one logical choice here–purchase your goat milk soap from the professionals rather than attempting to make it at home for a more healthy and economical choice. 

Wrapping Up Our Guide to the Goat Milk Soap Cost

It’s clear that the cost to make goat milk soap at home is not worth the risks, effort, and hassle you’ll go through. Plus, it's cheaper to purchase a bar of goat milk soap from a trusted seller than it is to purchase all the necessary ingredients for the soap-making process. 

For the best goat milk soap, you need to visit our storefront. With a trusted recipe that’s been used for years, our soap can be used as a cure-all for a number of skin conditions. So if you are looking for the best goat milk soap for rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or any other skin ailments, our goat milk soap is for you. 

Gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin, but still harnessing powerful moisturizing and nourishing properties, our goat milk soap does it all. Visit our storefront today to bring home a quality bar of goat milk soap today!

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