Can You Use Goat Milk Soap For Horses?

Can You Use Goat Milk Soap For Horses?

There’s a lot that goes into caring for your horse, and you especially need to put attention to their coat and mane to keep them shiny and free from pests. But, finding the right horse-friendly products is certainly a challenge, and you don’t want to try out just any other product and potentially put your horse’s health in danger. 

With goat milk soap becoming so popular recently for your skin and hair health, you may start to think that the same benefits would apply to your horse as well. 

So can you use goat milk soap for horses? Continue reading through this article as we touch on questions you may have like–is goat milk soap used for horses? What benefits does this offer them, and where can you go for the best goat milk soap for horses? We’ll address all of this and more below. 

The Problems With Most Soap For Horses

If you’re used to using standard soaps on your horse, you may have recognized a few key issues that can come about. 

For one, many soaps contain harmful chemicals and harsh additives like dyes and fragrances that can wreak havoc on the horse’s skin. Stripping the skin of its natural oils, regular soaps can make the skin irritated and dry out, and it can seriously impact the skin’s pH levels as well. 

Plus, certain soaps can leave behind a residue on the horse’s coat, even after rinsing. Over time, this build-up can lead to serious skin issues, and make the coat appear dull and grimy, even when you’re washing them regularly. 

You only want the best of the best for your horse, so in that case, standard soaps just won’t do when you’re looking to care for them properly from the inside, out. 

Introducing Goat Milk Soap - a More Natural, Gentle Alternative to Traditional Soaps

While other soaps on the market are harsh and abrasive, you never have to worry about this with goat milk soap. 

Offering a gentle cleanse while supporting a healthy pH and nourishing the skin, the best goat milk soap is highly effective at treating a number of pesky skin conditions, in addition to a wide range of other benefits. 

You’ll be shocked you didn’t start using the product sooner when you learn about what is goat milk soap good for. From head to toe, this product is a fantastic addition to your routine, and you’re going to want to make the switch ASAP. 

Can You Use Goat Milk Soap on a Horse, Though?

Now let’s get right into it–is goat milk soap used for horses? If you’re aware of all the benefits of goat milk soap for humans, you’ll be happy to learn that horses can also benefit! Let’s dive deeper into why goat milk soap is a good option for horses. 

Why Goat Milk Soap is Used For Horses in Barns and Stables Around the World

So can you use goat milk soap on a horse–absolutely! Just like you can use goat milk soap for dogs, you can use it for horses, too. 

All around the world, horse owners have recognized the power of goat milk soap to help the mane and coat appear shiny, treat skin dryness, keep bugs and pests at bay, and much more. So if you haven’t jumped on the goat milk soap train just yet, you’ll want to by the end of this article!

With gentle nourishment of the skin to provide it with a wealth of essential nutrients and vitamins, plus powerful hydration benefits, your horse will undoubtedly look and feel its best when you start washing it with goat milk soap. 

Is There Any Risk of Using Goat Milk Soap on a Horse?

With so many benefits, it’s hard to think about any possible negative effects of using goat milk soap on horses. However, something you’ll want to keep an eye on is a potential allergy to goat milk soap. 

While rare, it is possible for your horse to have an allergy to goat’s milk, though the reaction should be mild. So, when you’re first introducing goat milk soap to your horse’s washing routine, you’ll want to do a small spot test to ensure that it’s a good match. 

Even when comparing other types of natural soaps like donkey milk soap vs goat milk soap or cow milk soap vs goat milk soap, you’ll run into similar issues. So, with all variations of natural soaps, this is a possibility. 

How to Use Goat Milk Soap For Horses: A Comprehensive Guide

When you’re ready to get started, continue through the following steps to see how to properly wash your horse with goat milk soap. So if you’re still wondering can you use goat milk soap on a horse, here’s how. 

Step-by-Step: How to Properly Bathe Your Horse With Goat Milk Soap

It may seem pretty self-explanatory, but let’s walk through the steps of using goat milk soap to bathe your horse.

Gather the Supplies

Before you get started, you’ll want to gather all the supplies you’ll need to bathe your horse so you have them at arm’s length. 

Some of the supplies you’ll probably need include your chosen goat milk soap, a bucket, a sponge or cloth, towels, and some sort of water supply for rinsing. 

Create a Soapy Solution

Next, you’ll want to make a soapy solution using a bucket of warm water and flakes or chunks of goat milk soap. Grate or cut the soap into pieces and allow it to dissolve in the water so you have a solution that is easy to work with. 

Given the size of the horse, you’ll want a good amount of the solution prepared so you can cover their whole body, their mane, and their tail. 

Wet Down Your Horse

Wherever you normally bathe your horse, you can start to wet them down with a hose or sponge. Make sure you wet them thoroughly, and that the temperature of the water is just right to keep them comfortable. 

Apply the Soap

Now you can actually get to work with the goat milk soap. Take your sponge or soft cloth and douse it in the soapy solution. 

Gently apply the solution to the horse’s body, mane, and tail. Start at the horse’s neck, and work your way down to the tail. Rub in a circular motion on the whole body, and take your time to massage it in certain problem areas that are particularly dirty. 

Rinse Down Your Horse & Dry

Once you’re finished, you can rinse the horse off with more warm water, ensuring that the soapy solution is fully rinsed away. 

If you notice that there are still some areas of dirt and grime, like on the underbelly or near the hooves, now is the time to go back in with the soap solution for a second pass. 

But, if everything looks good, gently pat down the horse with a towel to dry off the excess moisture, allow them to air dry the rest, and you’re done!

Dos and Don'ts: Best Practices For Using Goat Milk Soap on Horses

Of course, you want to nail this process and only bathe your horse with goat milk soap if you’re doing so properly. So, here are some important dos and dont’s to make sure you’re successful. 

When washing your horse in goat milk soap, do

  • Make a patch test to ensure the soap is safe to use on your horse
  • Use warm water to keep your horse comfortable and calm
  • Gently apply the soap to avoid matting or tangling of the hair
  • Rinse thoroughly to avoid any residue build-up

On the other hand, don’t:

  • Apply the soap to open wounds or broken skin
  • Apply to the face directly, wash the area down with a wet rag or sponge instead
  • Be too aggressive with how you’re applying the soap
  • Overuse the soap–stick to the horse’s normal bathing routine as you would with other soap

With these tips in mind, you’ll have your horse looking and feeling its best in the barn and out in the pasture. 

Get the Best Goat Milk Soap For Horses Today!

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Bringing Our Conversation on Goat Milk Soap For Horses to a Close

It’s clear that in the debate of goat milk soap vs regular soap for horses–goat milk soap is the clear winner. So if you want to use goat milk soap for horses, make sure you’re getting top-of-the-line products right from our storefront. 

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