Best Soap for Bacterial Vaginosis

Best Soap for Bacterial Vaginosis: Make BV a Problem of the Past With Goat Milk Soap!

Dealing with conditions in your sensitive regions can often be a tricky task, especially when it comes to bacterial vaginosis (BV). You want to find the right treatment to lessen the symptoms, but you also want to make sure that the products you’re using in your daily routine aren’t making the condition worse. 

So, what is the best soap for people who frequently get bacterial vaginosis? Continue reading below as we discuss what this condition is, how you can treat it, and why choosing the right soap can be so impactful. 

What is Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)?

If you’re unfamiliar with the condition, let’s briefly discuss what bacterial vaginosis is, its signs and symptoms, and how you can treat it before we reveal what is the best soap for BV. 


It’s common that women with BV don’t actually have any symptoms. However, if you do have symptoms, they can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant to deal with. 

Some such symptoms can include: 

  • Pain, itching, or burning of the vagina
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • White or gray discharge
  • A strong, fishy odor
  • Itching on or around the vaginal area

If you’re unsure whether the symptoms you’re experiencing point to BV, your healthcare provider will be able to confirm the diagnosis by testing a sample of vaginal fluid. 


Bacterial vaginosis is a common infection that can occur in women. This is normally caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that normally lives in the vagina, which leads to an imbalance that negatively impacts the pH of the area. 

In fact, the CDC lists bacterial vaginosis as the most common vaginal condition that occurs in women between the ages of 15-44. 

Even still, researchers haven’t been able to find the cause for BV, though it most often occurs in women who are sexually active. 


Given how unpleasant the symptoms can be when you have BV, you probably want to know how you can treat this condition. Luckily, BV can be simply treated, and it’s not a chronic condition that will last forever. 

In some instances, BV can go away without treatment, though this can put you at increased risk for getting or transmitting HIV and other STDs, or premature delivery if you are pregnant. 

So in most cases, once the presence of BV has been confirmed, it can be treated with antibiotics. Be aware that BV can return even if you completely finish the prescription, so keep tabs on your body and report back to your healthcare provider if your symptoms reappear. 

Does Soap Irritate BV? The Problems With Traditional Soap 

The temptation that occurs when you’re suffering from BV can be to clean the vagina more than normal to get rid of the odor or the overgrowth of bacteria. However, many experts advise against this practice, explaining that you could end up killing off more of the good bacteria, further creating an imbalance in the vagina. 

So, if you clean too much, or use soaps that are too harsh, you could upset the pH balance of the vagina and make things worse. With this in mind, the best soap for bacterial vaginosis is often not the traditional soap you’ll find on the shelves at the supermarket. 

The soaps commonly available in stores today are full of artificial fragrances, dyes, and chemicals, all of which can cause a further imbalance of the bacteria in the vagina. 

What to Look for in the Best Soap for BV

When you’re looking for the best soap for people who frequently get bacterial vaginosis, you’ll want to make sure you’re considering the soaps that are made from natural ingredients, and free from harsh additives. 

A mild and gentle cleanser is the best way to go when you’re searching for the best soap for BV, as you don’t want to cause further irritation and imbalance to the area. Further, the best soap for bacterial vaginosis is free of artificial scents and fragrances. 

So, What is the Best Soap for Bacterial Vaginosis?

Taking all this into consideration, we can finally real what is the best soap for BV–goat milk soap! 

You may already be aware that you can use goat milk soap for eczema or psoriasis, but you’ll be pleased to know that it can also treat a number of other conditions. 

So, what is goat milk soap good for when you have BV? Continue reading below as we discuss some of the benefits of goat milk soap when you have this condition. 

Why Goat Milk Soap is the Preferred Choice for BV

Goat milk soap is a wonderful choice when you’re looking for a cleanser that won’t provoke your BV and make it worse. 

Even compared to other natural soaps, there’s no comparison in our eyes between donkey milk vs goat milk soap, or goat milk soap vs cow milk soap–goat milk soap is always the clear winner!

Goat milk soap is the best soap for BV because it’s made from a natural formulation, meaning it’s typically free from artificial chemicals, fragrances, and dyes that wreak havoc on those suffering from BV. Plus, it’s a gentle cleanser, meaning it won’t worsen the bacterial imbalance in your vagina that you’re already dealing with. 

Given the heavy fat concentration in goat milk soap, it can also soothe the inflammation, itching, and irritation you may feel around the vaginal area when you have bacterial vaginosis. 

We Have the Most Gentle, Nourishing Goat Milk Soap for You!

If you’re suffering from BV and you want to try out goat milk soap for yourself, look no further than our selection at Goat Soap Milk. 

In all our products, we utilize a centuries-old formulation that can be used as a cure-all natural remedy to a number of skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. With the wonderful nourishing properties, gentle exfoliation, and hydration that our goat milk soap provides, you’ll be hard-pressed to find another natural soap out there that offers the same benefits. 

Tips for Using Goat Milk Soap for Bacterial Vaginosis

Using goat milk soap when you have bacterial vaginosis is always a good choice, though you should pay attention to the following tips in order to get the best results. 

Avoid Fragrances & Dyes

By design, goat milk soap is a natural product that is gentle and nourishing. However, some goat milk soap makers may add fragrances or dyes to the product. This isn’t necessarily always a bad thing, though it’s something you’ll want to avoid if you’re treating bacterial vaginosis, as we discussed in detail above. 

Test it Out

You may be tempted to jump right in with new products when you’re looking for relief from your symptoms. But, we encourage you to take your time adding goat milk soap into your routine, as the last thing you’ll want to do is overwhelm the bacteria in the vagina and cause further irritation. 

Plus, while rare, some people may even have an intolerance or allergy to goat’s milk, in which case they may have an adverse reaction to using goat milk soap. So, start by using goat milk soap every few days to test it out before you start using it every day. 

Wrapping Up Our Guide on the Best Soap for Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)

Not only can you use goat milk soap for acne, but it’s also a great option if you’re suffering from BV. With gentle cleansing action and soothing properties, it will help you manage your symptoms, without causing additional harm and irritation to the natural balance of your vagina. 

For the best goat milk soap, head to Goat Soap Milk and shop our collection today to try it out for yourself!

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